Pro repair stand with single clamp, quick release - 1693BQ New

Repair bike stand with fixed plate is designed for service workshops and every day use.
Fixed plate is ergonomically designed. Maximum load capacity is 30kg, which enables the servicing of heavier bikes.
Clamp can grip tubes of any shape, with diameter of minimum Ø22mm to maximum Ø60mm.
weight of the stand is 36kg
Replaceable rubber jaw covers, item 1693.11
Code 623226 article 1693B1 is stand with jaw with spring and without fixed plate
Code 623223 article 1693BS is stand with fixed plate and jaw with adjustable nut
Code 623227 article 1693BS1 is stand with jaw with adjustable nut and without fixed plate
Repair bike stand 1693B1 and 1693BS1 is designed for floor or ceiling mount.

H1 minH1 maxBAPurchase request
627769 985 1570 726 572 1700 36000 1K 1 add

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