Professional Mechanic Tool Carriage - 1600N1 Ново

Professional Mechanic Tool Carriage is your best choice for the most common bicycle repairs in your workshop or at home and still offering mobility and compactness.
Eurovision tool carriage 940EV6 comes with eight drawers. Seven of them store great selection of tools in a high quality cut-out foam tray, while a higher eight drawer is used to store parts.

Број на парчиња во гарнитура: 102

Додадете гарнитура алати 627760 во Мој избор

Код Производ Дименсион / Парчиња
627760 1600N1 102
  940EV6 800 x 440 x 923
  1600SOS13 10
  1600SOS14 8
  1600SOS15 17
  1600SOS16 7
  1600SOS18 40
  1600SOS19 19

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