Pro Road Kit - 1600RN

Tool kit for the hardcore road rider that likes to keep his bike in perfect order every day! The tools are easy to find in their own customer laser cut SOS foam trays surrounded by a durable Thermoplastic travel and storage box.
The Pro Road Kit includes the most common tools to keep your bike in top shape:
Screw type chain tool (suitable for all kind of chains, including Campagnolo 11-speed chains)
chain wear indicator
cassette removal and installation tool
steel wire cutter
long flat nose pliers
universal spoke wrench
set of two tire levers
set of 9 ball end hexagonal wrenches. Sizes included 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
PH Screwdriver
measuring tape 2m/6ft
number of pieces in set: 11

Број на парчиња во гарнитура: 19

Додадете гарнитура алати 626543 во Мој избор

Код Производ Дименсион / Парчиња
626543 1600RN 19
  1631/2 3,3 x 3,45 x 3,7 x 4,0 x 4,4 x 5,0
  1670/2BI 11/12
  220/3SLPH 9
  472/1BI 160
  584/2POLLY 180
  615TBI PH 2 x 100
  710P 2
  981PB4 393 x 331 x 95

2810 1S 1

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